Custom And Unique Security Solutions For Your Premises

Mint-Master believes in finding the right person for each position. We also firmly believe in the continual development of our staff in order to provide our clients with the best possible service. The ideal is to find a balance between the risks that you face and the cost of your security system in order to contain your losses but also improve your bottom line.

Prior to the commencement of our services, we provide a full Risk Assessment Service and further assessments are done on a monthly basis to keep you up to date with problematic areas and the influence it has on your business.

Our focus areas :

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Risk Identification
  • Emergency Procedures and planning

At Mint-Master we realise that each property and industry has its unique challenges and believe in designing a system around your individual requirement. We therefore always take the client through an in- depth assessment first before suggesting a solution based on each unique site and according to the needs of our client and the resources available.

Physical Security

At Mint- Master Management Services we realise that each property and industry has its unique challengesand believe in designing a system around the client’s individual requirements.

Since 2010 we have successfully managed the provision of security services to the following industries:

  • Hospitality
  • Warehousing
  • Retail
  • Mining
  • Industrial Properties
  • Commercial Properties
  • Government

Mint-Master Management Services success is largely due to our hands-on management, communication and involvement in all areas of operations.

CCTV Systems

Mint-Master is able to supply, install and support a comprehensive range of digital CCTV equipment, including fixed cameras, domes, matrix multiplexers, quad splitters, monitors and the latest in digital video recorders.

Remote Surveillance

Using the latest in digital recording, compression and transmission technology, customers are now able to monitor and review activities within their organization from anywhere in the world.

Access control

Mint-Master has a range of systems that enable the integration of access control, alarm monitoring, e-mail and paging, CCTV as well as asset, people and vehicle tracking through the use of RFID tags.

Comprehensive risk Management consultancy

  • System design
  • Recommendation on system specifications and requirements
  • Estimation of cost of works
  • Co-ordination of specialist contractors to handle civil work
  • Project control and checking at key milestones

EAS Systems, RFID, tracking and tracing Systems

Through the intelligent application of RFID, the identification, verification and tracking of people and assets is enabled.

Applications are numerous and various, but include enhancing the security of property developments, offices and factories, the tracking and tracing of assets through the supply chain and protection of valuable assets such as laptops, works of art etc.

EAS System consists of all 3 main technologies being RF, AM, EM with a full range of tags, pins, detachers and de-activators.

Research and development

A dedicated research and development team is on hand providing the following benefits

  • All equipment is thoroughly tested, assembled and configured prior to delivery to site ensuring that site work is as efficient as possible and that equipment failures are kept to an absolute minimum
  • As technology advances, so new equipment and software is tested and evaluated to deliver the project’s requirements more efficiently.
  • The team has skills in the integration of systems and software where necessary and required.


Dedicated training personnel are employed by Mint-Master to fulfill the training requirements of the customer.

The training of our employees is not an amenity, but a vital necessity to ensure that both our management and staff conform to the basic requirements to work as a Security Official in South Africa.

Mint-Master further endorses continuous training and up-skilling of our employees to ensure that they are all adequately trained and empowered to render a professional service to our clients. Our training centre, Mint- Master Gijima was therefore also established to ensure that all Security Officials are trained according to industry requirements.

The centre is SASSETA-accredited and has certification for 84 unit standards.

National repair centre

A state-of-the-art repair centre has been set up at the factory in Jan Niemand Park, Pretoria.

The repair centre is managed by qualified technicians enabling speedy, efficient local repairs of various security equipment.

Maintenance and Support

All equipment supplied by Mint-Master carries a minimum of a full 12 months guarantee. Client specific maintenance contracts can be established, detailing Mint-Master’s responsibilities and guaranteeing response times.

Other Services

  • Time and attendance systems
  • A wide range of investigative and enquiry services, including forensic investigations, handwriting analyses, fingerprint examination, polygraphy testing, pre-employment psychometric testing
  • IP Systems
  • Electric fencing, turnstiles and boomgates
  • Point of sale monitoring and data mining